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avocado breakfasts in dubai

The Best Avocado Dishes in Dubai

Avocado is becoming one of the most ubiquitous foods around, where almost any dish is seemingly getting mixed in with avocado and we’re not complaining.  This delicious berry (did you know that avocado is classed as a berry?) tastes great and is incredibly good for you.  The amount of food you can mix avocado with seems to grow every day and there are constantly new dishes being created by talented and creative chefs around the city.

Make sure you enjoy your avocado addiction from some of the many great cheap hotels in Dubai.

Delicious Avocado Smash

What it is:  This fantastic little café offers up some of the tastiest and healthiest gluten free breakfasts all day long.  Enjoy the Avocado Smash which is a slice of chickpea and pumpkin loaf with an avocado smash on top which is delightfully spicy.  Your choice of toppings finish off this perfect dish.

Where to go:  You’ll want to go to Roseleaf at the Emirates Golf Club.

When to go:  All day breakfast means all day dining!

How much you’ll pay:  Avocado Smash will cost you only 46 AED (£9).

A unique take on Baked Avocado

What it is:  This snazzy café serves up a baked avocado with a difference.  Enjoy this fan favourite with a perfectly poached egg, tomato and pineapple salad, Portobello mushrooms and a blue cheese sauce to top off this flavour party.

Where to go:  Bertin Bistro can be found on Sheikh Zayed Road.

How much you’ll pay:  This dish commands a price tag of 62 AED (£12).

Puns a plenty

What it is:  You’re going to want to look for Bravocado when you visit this great little Canadian breakfast diner.  You’ll get yourself a pair of poached eggs, served on an avocado half with some tomato sauce, melted Parmesan and cheddar.  The tomato sauce is very slightly spicy, so if you’re sensitive to spicy you might want to give this a miss but, honestly, for most people it’s perfectly fine.

Where to go:  Eggspectation at The Beach.

How much you’ll pay:  You’ll pay 56 AED (£11) for this one.

Copper Dog’s Perfect Avo Dish. 

What it is:  This unique and indulgent dish gives a Middle Eastern twist with the addition of creamy goat’s cheese with a smooth avocado and rosemary truffle honey glaze.  This fantastic dish is perfect for when you’re looking for something delicious to fill you up.

Where to go:  You’ll want to go to Copper Dog at the DoubleTree by Hilton on Jumeirah Beach at The Walk.    

How much you’ll pay:  This dish costs 55 AED (£11).

Stuffed Avocado

What it is:  An amazing and varied dish from this great lunch spot, you can get yourself one of two versions of stuffed avocado.  Either treat yourself with a spicy chicken stuffed avo or opt instead for the tuna stuffed avocado, depending on which day you arrive.  It’s a bit random and both are delicious, so don’t worry if you get one or the other.

Where to go:  1762 has a few locations around Dubai.

How much you’ll pay:  This one is cheap and tasty at only 22 AED (£4).


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