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alice in wonderland at ductac

Alice In Wonderland at DUCTAC

Going to the theatre to watch a play has got to be one of the best forms of entertainment we can think of.  Just sitting down and relaxing with family and friends and enjoying a lovely show put on by some incredibly talented individuals.  We think Alice in Wonderland at the DUCTAC theatre at the Mall of the Emirates is looking like one of the best community plays in January, so you should definitely think about booking a ticket or two.

You can get great access to fantastic events like this from one of the many cheap hotels in Dubai as well as the ability to see lots of the other amazing things to do and see in Dubai.


DUCTAC, the Dubai Community Theatre & Arts Centre was a community initiative to create a space where individuals and groups can host events and activities for the people of Dubai.  It was the very first non-profit cross-community centre in the whole Gulf and is located within the iconic Mall of the Emirates in Dubai.

DUCTAC includes:

  • 543 seat theatre
  • 151 capacity studio theatre
  • High specification visual arts gallery
  • Dance and rehearsal studios
  • Their very own art studios
  • DUCTAC workshops and classrooms – including a pottery, sculpture and mosaic workshop
  • Food and beverage facilities

Alice in Wonderland

The Ballet Centre in Dubai, the city’s very first ever dancing school will be performing their own rendition of the Lewis Carroll classic, Alice in Wonderland, this January.  The show is going to comprise of a variety of dance techniques such as tap dancing, ballet, modern and more.

Alice in Wonderland, the Lewis Carroll tale about a young girl named Alice and her adventures through Wonderland will be coming to the DUCTAC Theatre on the 19th of January for two shows only.

Following the outstanding performances of two of the most popular shows, The Nutcracker and Dreams Come True, the Ballet Centre will be putting on a spectacular show showing off their talented dancers with the amazing and exciting Alice in Wonderland story, this fantastic show will take you through the journey that young Alice takes as she makes her way through Wonderland and I’m sure we’ll see all of our favourite characters.


Alice in Wonderland will be shown only on the 19th of January, 2018.  There will be two shows at 3:00 PM and again at 6:00 PM.


There are a variety of tickets available for both showings, and you can choose from the following:

  • Balcony Tickets are available from 125 AED (£25) per person.
  • Stalls 2 Tickets are available from 150 AED (£30) per person.
  • Stalls 1 Tickets are available from 175 AED (£35) per person.
  • Lower Box Tickets are available from 175 AED (£35) per person.
  • Upper Box Tickets are available from 175 AED (£35) per person.

Unfortunately, children under the age of three will not be permitted.

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