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Aji Restaurant on the Palm Dubai

Aji Christmas Dinner Brunch on the Palm Dubai

When you’re looking for a Christmas dinner brunch, you want something that stands out, is great value and above all, you want excellent food.  Aji is one of the best places to go to if you want a unique twist on Japanese and Peruvian cuisine, combined in a way that’ll ensure you never think about the two cultures again without your stomach rumbling.

Sit back, relax and enjoy some of the best food you’ve ever had at Aji and save a bunch on your cheap hotel in Dubai.

Aji’s fantastic location on the Palm means it’s an excellent choice for a lovely meal out with friends or family.


The end of the 19th century saw a mass emigration of Japanese individuals and families to Peru. The most evident manifestations of this Japanese migration was their influence on the Peruvian cuisine, known as the Nikkei Cuisine.

Aji is inspired by the 19th century mass emigration of Japanese into Peru and the cuisine that was created as a result of this, also known as the Nikkei Cuisine.  Nikkei Cuisine has been prevalent since the 19th century and has transformed some of the local Peruvian dishes by combining them with Japanese flavours and techniques.  Aji has managed to bring this flavour of Nikkei cuisine to Dubai, where you can sample some of the most traditional Nikkei dishes and try out the unique flavour.

In true Nikkei fashion, all food is usually served on small plates to enable diners to sample and share and the fast-paced kitchen environment allows food to be served as soon as it’s done, with new dishes being brought throughout your stay.

Aji has created a unique culture and lifestyle of its own throughout Dubai, with a fantastic array of events and specific nights throughout the week.  You can enjoy a huge Friday brunch or find the perfect ladies’ night at Aji.  Aji likes to have live music, with a resident DJ there to play some of the greatest hits.

Christmas Dinner at Aji

When you’re thinking about Christmas dinner, I’m sure you don’t really instantly think of a Japanese Peruvian crossover but just for one day only, Aji will be serving their traditional cuisine alongside a proper British Christmas turkey along with all the trimmings.  You can take advantage of this fantastic deal on Christmas day for just 250 AED per person until 7:00 PM.  Then, if you’re not too full or if you’ve skipped the dinner, you can enjoy three free drinks to any patron who arrives wearing their best festive gear (that means getting out the best Christmas jumper you can find) and then you can enjoy a 30% discount on dinner bookings for ladies.  Nice one!


You can take part in Aji’s fantastic festive Christmas dinner from 12:00 PM until 7:00 PM on the 25th of December.  You can take advantage of the drink offer from 8:00 PM until closing time.


For a seat at Aji’s Christmas dinner brunch, you’re going to pay around 250 AED (£51) per person but this price doesn’t include drinks.

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